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5 Exercise secrets to permanent fat loss:

Frequency is key in not only losing weight but also loosing fat. In addition repetitive exercise builds muscle memory and improves cardiovascular health. At least 3 times per week not to exceed 6 days. Increments should be a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours per sessions depending on overall health and previous exercise habits. Generally 45 minutes accomplishes the goals desired.

Style of exercise is also important. It is important to do different things on different days, this allows for an increased ability to avoid the dreaded plateau effect so commonly associated with new exercise routines and weight loss goals.

Expanding on the difference of exercise is important not only to alternate between resistance exercise and cardiovascular exercise but also continue to change within the same type of exercise. For instance if you have cardio 2-3 times per week the cardio should be different each time and similarly if you have resistance or weight training on the alternate days change the routine each time.

Core training is important to establish as a platform or baseline. Traditionally people try to do too much to the arms chest and legs and ignore the core. This creates an opportunity for injury as well as not effectively addressing the fat areas around the stomach and oblique areas. The nice thing about core exercise is it is simple and does not require much equipment or expense.

Pick exercise that you will actually do. The biggest reason this country is overweight aside from diet is the fact that when people do finally get the nerve to do something about the weight the common thought is I have to go to a gym and work out. Often this becomes challenging with schedules, soreness and just the process of thinking I have to go to a gym full of people in better shape and lift weights. That may have been somewhat true 30 years ago. Today however, studies clearly support that the fact that exercise is maintained as a lifestyle choice far outweighs what type of exercise is being performed.

Home | Exercise | Nutrition | Stress | Weight Loss | Weight Management

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