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Nutrition Strategies For Weight Loss

Well we have heard we are what we eat. When it comes to excess fat that is exactly what is the case. If we want to loose more of ourselves we need to understand that food is nutrition not a luxury. If we view food and drink as fuel for the body rather than therapy for our taste buds we are more likely to achieve and maintain our goals. Let’s look at nutrition strategies for weight loss:

Eat 4-6 meals that are planned and are 300-500 calaries.

Meals need to consist mainly of high water content foods.

Avoid fried foods and fast foods.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

Calories in versus calories out…look at food as a math equation.

Eat healthy snacks on fruit or whole grains.

Avoid caffeine and energy drinks in excess.

Avoid alcohol in excess.

If you are not a big fruit and vegetable person, then get a blender and drink it.

Take a day off per week.

Home | Exercise | Nutrition | Stress | Weight Loss | Weight Management

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