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Stress Management Strategies for Weight Loss

Our habits are a big contributor to our body fat percentage and our overall health. The first and perhaps biggest thing to understand when attempting to improve health and loose weight is how important our habits relate to our size. Especially in the United States, the changes over the last 50 years in work schedules have changed how we define a normal or common way to eat all in the interest of creating more time in our busy schedules. As a result, the fast food drive thru business grew and so did out waistlines. Let’s look at some strategies for stress management and healthy habits for weight loss:

Become proactive…plan your meals and end by 6:00pm.

Eat before you need to, don’t wait until you are starving.

Find a reason to stick with it that is beyond fitting in clothes.

Avoid fast food, it may be easy but generally not healthy.

Avoid over-eating when emotional.

Avoid snacking on unhealthy foods especially late.

Avoid binge drinking and eating.

Get at least 8 hours sleep per night, how we sleep affects our other decisions.

Set obtainable goals measured only weekly.

Give yourself a day off per week, don’t get discouraged …make it a marathon not a sprint.

Home | Exercise | Nutrition | Stress | Weight Loss | Weight Management

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